The breakthrough of seamless underwear

According to reports, seamless underwear market did not rise, the main reason is the single product, when people called it seamless Body underwear, "body" has become a selling point, hit the market, but also limited the development. Seamless Body underwear once became the "patent" of women, resulting in consumption errors. In recent years, the profit of products has been decreasing year by year, but the market potential is huge. As long as the product is on the right track, there is no worry about sales.

Extend the industrial chain, produce marketable products, do specialized market

Recently, I heard that Wenzhou businessmen in France sell seamless flat bottomed pants made in Zhejiang at the price of 0.5 Euro each, and the slightly better ones only sell for 1 euro. Industry insiders believe that the price of seamless products in foreign countries is so low that it is unexpected.

"The main problem is the product," said Xu Ning, Secretary General of Yiwu seamless underwear industry association. At present, the products of domestic seamless underwear enterprises are too single, mainly suits, and the development of fabrics and styles is far from enough, leading to low prices. To get rid of the predicament, we must take a new road, develop household and sports products, and enhance the added value of products.

1. Extend the industrial chain to the upstream

2. If the product is right, there is no need to worry about the market

3. Be specific and meticulous, and you are expected to get out of the predicament

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