Yiwu seamless underwear export develops well


As one of the largest seamless garment production bases in China, Yiwu has more than 70 seamless underwear export enterprises.

In order to do a good job in the export classification supervision of seamless underwear enterprises under the jurisdiction, Zhejiang Yiwu inspection and Quarantine Bureau actively carried out daily supervision to help enterprises find management problems and urge timely rectification; Carry out special sampling inspection of raw and auxiliary materials and sampling inspection of printing and dyeing products, and carry out safety control on the source and key links of product quality; Provide technical assistance for enterprises, help enterprises avoid trade risks, and realize the good development of seamless underwear export. According to statistics, since this year, as of February 17, Yiwu inspection and Quarantine Bureau has completed 992 batches of seamless knitted garments exit inspection, with a total value of US $44.826 million, and a total of 56 enterprises have achieved classified supervision.

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