Who initiated the seamless underwear fashion change?

According to archaeological opinion, the wide leaves of the tree where Eve ate the forbidden fruit mentioned in the Bible are the first ecological underwear in human history. The underwear worn by human beings has experienced a long historical evolution, from the early concealment to the later stubborn pursuit of even subtle differences in the beauty of personality. With the development of social economy and humanities, people begin to return to the pursuit of natural life. Wearing underwear, they no longer blindly pursue the effects of body shaping and breast enhancement, but pay more attention to the experience of "health and comfort".

In foreign countries, the concept of comfort and nature has long been popular. Many women who love beauty, including the stars who are on the cutting edge of fashion, need comfortable underwear. They think that comfortable wearing experience can keep their body in a good state of balance and no pressure at all times. With the evolution of globalization and the enhancement of national strength, Chinese women's concept of sexuality has gradually changed. They realize that the soft, elastic and natural underwear symbolizes the respect for nature, wisdom and enterprising attitude towards life. This kind of attitude is gradually penetrating into every moment of our life, whether it's music, movies, food or physical relaxation. From simple underwear to improve our quality of life, it has become the common pursuit of women all over the world.

In order to meet the people's pursuit of comfortable underwear, many enterprises continue to innovate and improve in fabric, technology, design and other aspects. Seamless underwear, which is based on seamless weaving technology, finds a better product interpretation for this demand. In the early 1990s, SANTONI of Italy created seamless three-dimensional knitting technology, which is a complete subversion of the world's traditional knitting technology. SANTONI has created a series of advanced computer-based seamless knitting machines for this purpose. As long as you input the pre programmed program, connect the yarn, and wait for a few minutes, you can get the desired seamless product. Seamless weaving technology allows designers to design without the limitation of fabric, with the help of professional design software, design a variety of different fabric effects and styles, unlimited freedom of design. Seamless weaving is the pronoun of comfort, which can make all kinds of natural fiber, man-made fiber and synthetic fiber achieve better combination application. Seamless products fit the skin, and the neck, waist and hip are seamlessly connected, which makes the wearing more comfortable and natural.

Chinese people are always good at learning from others. Many underwear enterprises have introduced SANTONI weaving machine from abroad to produce seamless underwear. Yiwu has become a relatively large and concentrated seamless underwear industry base in China. However, the semi-finished products produced by SANTONI weaving machine are just bucket shaped. Compared with the traditional clothing car, it needs less labor, has high efficiency, and the fabric is seamless and comfortable. However, the appearance design lacks change and is not fashionable. The seamless underwear simply cut out gives people the feeling of being cheap and popular. How to make seamless underwear not only give full play to its advantages that meet the requirements of human skin comfort, but also make up for the lack of fashion sense?

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