The difference between seamed underwear and seamless underwear

Sewn underwear is a traditional knitted garment, mainly refers to the knitting fabric woven by circular knitting machine, which is similar to the ordinary woven fabric sewing process. It has seams on both sides. If you wear it for a long time, you will feel uncomfortable or the skin will be sewn; Moreover, the elasticity is not good enough to fit the body. It may become larger after wearing for a long time.

Seamless knitted garment is a kind of garment which is knitted into tubular garment pieces (without side seam) by means of weft knitting with a small special circular knitting machine in accordance with a pre-designed computer program, and then dyed and fixed, and then cut and sewed simply.

1. Because it has no side seam break, continuous weft knitted fiber weaving process makes the garment piece have super elasticity, far more than the sewn garment;

2. In order to meet the design needs of different functions and aesthetics, a variety of tissue structures can be woven on the garment piece at one time, and the connection and transition between the tissues are seamless,

3. A variety of fibers can be used for blended weaving, especially the perfect combination of the advantages of elastic fiber and other fibers, which not only reflects the comfort and beauty of the fiber, but also reflects the use function of wear resistance, washing resistance, shape invariability and easy care.

4, so seamless technology is especially suitable for weaving underwear and sportswear, extremely considerate and comfortable, no pressure and discomfort!

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