Analysis on the selection skills of thermal underwear

Features of selection skills:

1. When you buy thermal underwear, you should choose rationally and compare the cost performance of the products. Don't think the more expensive the better.

2. Correctly treat and identify the product advertisements of thermal underwear. The basic function of thermal underwear is to keep warm and comfortable. Some advertisements are lack of scientific basis. Don't blindly believe the so-called high-tech concepts such as cards.

3. When choosing thermal underwear, soft and comfortable fabric, light weight, good elasticity and warmth should be preferred.

4. The heat preservation of warm underwear is inversely proportional to the air permeability (fabric density). In order to deal with all kinds of traps existing in the thermal underwear market, we should see, touch, listen, try and choose when choosing thermal underwear.

A look at the fabrics: all kinds of thermal underwear on the market are classified into three categories: high, medium and low. The fabrics used are 40% cotton, 32% cotton, polyester cotton, purified fiber, etc. among them, the products with more than 40% cotton on the inner and outer layers are the best. Their softness, fineness, air permeability and gloss are good, and they do not pilling after washing, After long-term wearing, there will not be the phenomenon of clothing reeling.

Second, according to the handle: high quality underwear has high requirements for the manufacturing of insulation layer. High quality insulation lining using microfiber, with this. The clothing made of this kind of lining is soft and comfortable, and has good heat preservation performance. Therefore, the products with smooth hand feel and no different feeling show that the materials are better, the carding and compounding process of intermediates are more advanced, and the wearing performance is also better.

Third listen to the sound: the general old-fashioned thermal underwear products use a layer of ultra-thin hot-melt film (commonly known as PVC plastic film) in the thermal lining to enhance the wind resistance, but this product is easy to make a "rustle" sound when wearing, and the air permeability is affected, so it has a "dry heat feeling". At the same time, the friction between the plastic film and the thermal fiber is easy to accumulate static electricity, It is easy to make obvious "crackle" sound when wearing off. The new generation of thermal underwear, using new materials, new technology to replace the hot-melt film, basically overcome the above shortcomings. When you buy, you just need to shake it or rub it with your hand, and listen to the "rustle" sound.

Four tests of elasticity: the new generation of thermal underwear is developing towards multi-function, such as health care and antibacterial. At the same time, more attention is paid to the development of new products in line with the contemporary aesthetic concept of the human body curve. One of the major breakthroughs is to make the thermal underwear have excellent resilience. This kind of underwear has Lycra added to the fabric and the base material, and the high elastic polymer is used as the inner lining. Although the price is significantly higher than that of ordinary products, it has a good feeling of close fitting, no bloated feeling, and the joints can move freely.

Five choice brands: a underwear, from the selection of raw materials, spinning, weaving, dyeing, compounding, sewing to factory inspection, all links and processes need to be strictly controlled, so as to make the product's heat preservation rate, air permeability, antibacterial, elastic and other indicators meet the standards. Therefore, when consumers choose thermal underwear, they should pay attention to the enterprise products with strong strength, excellent brand and good reputation after the comprehensive product performance price ratio, so as to ensure that they have no worries after purchase.

Try on: it's dangerous to buy without trying on just by looking at it with your eyes. It's very rewarding to communicate with shopping guides sincerely, because the shopping guides in famous brand stores or counters are generally trained professionally and can give you some suggestions on selection. Please refer to

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